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Contributors: Samuel Archibald, Ollivier Dyens, David 'Jhave' Johnston, Xavier Malbreil, Cécile Petit, Carlo Zanni

Translation: Anne-Marie Boisvert, Ron Ross

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Samuel Archibald

Samuel Archibald is a PHD student in semiology at Université du Québec à Montréal, where he is working on a thesis about the connections between literature and new medias. He also belongs to NET, a research group on NEW TEXT EXPERIMENTS, which includes a section on electronic literature.


  • "Sur la piste d'une lecture courante" in Hypertextes. Espaces virtuels de lecture et d'écriture, sous la direction de Christian Vandendorpe et Denis Bachand, 2002.
    Éditions Nota bene, Collection Littérature(s), 2002, pp: 115-137.
  • "GUTENBERG 9.1 - The New Companions of the Book"
    in HorizonZero 01: Write: The Book as Digital Form,
    Banff New Media Institute, 2002.

Anne-Marie Boisvert

Anne-Marie Boisvert completed a Bachelor's degree and pursued graduate studies in French literature (with a concentration in textual theory and Lacanian psychoanalysis) at Université de Montréal. She holds a Master's degree and has pursued doctoral studies in the analytic philosophy of language and exact sciences at Université de Montréal. She worked as a research and teaching assistant in Université de Montréal's philosophy department and has taught philosophy at Collège de Maisonneuve.

Since October 2001, Anne-Marie Boisvert is the Editor in Chief of the CIAC's Electronic Magazine, while also maintaining the organization's Web site. She has published many papers on web art and hypertextuality.


  • "Create/Destroy" in CIAC's Electronic Magazine, no 10, March 2000.
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  • "Le poème, de la page à l'écran : interprétation, illustration, adaptation", in Les Navigations technologiques, Richard Barbeau et Ollivier Dyens, eds. VLB (Spring 2004).

Ollivier Dyens

Ollivier Dyens was born on July 18, 1963 in Rome, Italy.

After studying cinema (at Concordia University and Université de Montréal), he completed a PHD degree at Université de Montréal with a thesis on new technologies and representation.

Ollivier Dyens was a teacher at Université Sainte-Anne in Nova Scotia and at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. He is presently a teacher at Concordia University, in the department of French Studies.

Ollivier Dyens has created two magazines: Feux chalins, the only French literary magazine in Nova Scotia and metal & flesh, an online magazine about the contemporary society/machine.


  • Prières, recueil de poésie, Éditions du Vermillon.
  • Les Murs des planètes suivi de La Cathédrale aveugle (textes et cédérom), recueil de poésie multimédia, VLB Éditeur.
  • Chair et Métal: Évolution de l'homme, la technologie prend le relais, collection Gestations, VLB Éditeur, 2000 (best essay award at the Société des écrivains canadiens (in the Montreal section)).
    This book was also published in English by MIT Press.
  • Les Bêtes, recueil de poésie, Éditions Triptyque.
  • Continent X , vertige du nouvel Occident, collection Gestations, VLB Éditeur, 2003.
  • Navigations technologiques, VLB Éditeur. (to be published in Spring 2004)


David 'Jhave' Johnston

David Jhave Johnston is a multimedia-poet currently living in Montreal. Among other artistic activities, he has exhibited site-specific installations with the Symbiosis Collective, written and directed multi-media theatre with the Collective Unconscious Collective, recorded spoken-word electronica for the now-defunct underground ZOI label, contributed to a CD-ROM project entitled Navigations technologiques, modified video for the Transmedia2002 festival, completed a music video for Brian Sanderson, worked as research assistant for Obx Active-Text project, and spoken sporadically at conferences on webart,

He is currently in his final year of a computer science degree at Concordia University.

Before devoting himself completely to digital creation in 1998, Jhave finished a six-year exploratory-font project of handwritten mixed-media which was entitled Book. The web project NomadLingo, a year long exploration of digitally-generated mobile-text work, was created from April1/2000 to April 1/2001 and exhibited as monthly installments at

His most recent web-work Inter-face (launched Sept. '03) can be seen at Turbulence. Upcoming, video in a cab: teletaxi.


  • "On the Materiality of Meaning - Mobile Text & the New Paradigms of Virtual Literature", in Year01, 2001.


Xavier Malbreil

Lives and works in the South of France
Writer and theorician (multimedia)
Contributor to magazines like Archée et La Voix du Regard (literary magazine on visual arts).

Publications :

  • "Le Travail de la forme", in Archée, 2002.
  • "Éloge des virus informatiques dans un processus d’écriture interactive", in Archée, 2002.
  • "Les Malentendus", in Archée, 2002.
  • "Lire avec la main", in Archée, 2003.
  • Je ne me souviens pas très bien, roman. (to be published)

Websites: and

Cécile Petit

Cécile Petit holds a degree in arts as well as a master degree and a DESS in multimedia creation (Université de Provence à Marseille, France). In 2002, she was an assistant editor (trainee) for the CIAC's Electronic Magazine to which she still contributes. She also works regularly for Archée.

Publications :

Carlo Zanni

Carlo Zanni is an Italian painter and Web artist. He works between Milan and New York.

He studied at the IED - European Institute of Design and has a degree in Web Master. His work has been shown at the PS1 Museum NY, Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Chicago and at the first Tirana Biennial, among other places, as well as at the Biennale de Montréal 2002, in the web art section.



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