This fifth edition is coming out a little late because we have devoted a lot of time to developing the Website of the CIAC in view of La Biennale de Montréal 1998. Our site presents the event in all of its details: the themes, the exhibitions, the artists, the related activities, the catalogue, the partners, the team. Next we will be setting up discussion forums on the subjects which concern the event and we invite you to participate. Do not miss visiting the pages of La Biennale de Montréal 1998, and come back to them. We regularly update them with changes.

We have not neglected the content of the magazine, as we have given special attention to Web projects conceived by Quebecois artists in the article News of the Month. In fact, more than twenty projects are presented here, and some of them are also presented in greater detail under the heading Artworks on the Web. In total, six projects by francophone artists have been selected out of the ten we present regularly in this section.

Our efforts to improve the quality of our calendar continue; we have added countries to our already long list, and consequently, many new institutions. Also, autumn is always an effervescent period for the visual arts and we take advantage of this to announce in advance many events which will take place next automn and which may interest travellors.

We always appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Claude Gosselin

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