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CIAC 2018-2019 Programme

Three major projects on the current agenda


Exhibition and activities: Skawennati

Skawennati, a Mohawk native from Kahnawàke, lives and works in Montreal. Her work focuses on history, the future, and social and individual mutations. Her innovative projects in media arts were presented in Canada as part of major exhibitions such as Now? NOW!, the Biennial of the Americas, in Denver, Colorado, and Looking Forward (L’Avenir) at the Biennale de Montréal 2014. She received the Best New Media Award of the ImagineNative Festival in 2009, and a Contemporary Art Fellowship from the Eiteljorg Museum in 2011. Her works figure prominently in many public and private collections.

Skawennati holds a fine arts baccalaureate from Concordia University where she is co-director of Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace (AbTeC), a network of artists and researches whose mandate is to explore and create virtual aboriginal environments. The AbTeC Skins Workshops, devoted to aboriginal narrative and experimental media practices, are intended to help young Aboriginals achieve their rightful place in the art world. In 2015, AbTeC initiated the IIF project (Initiative for Indigenous Futures).

Five Roses : TimeTraveller™, 2013
Machinimagraph, inkjet print, 3.
86cm x 152cm (33.75" x 60") edition
Represented by Galerie Ellepant, Montreal

Jingle Dancers Assembled : TimeTraveller™,2011
Machinimagraph, inkjet print, 3.
86cm x 152cm (33.75" x 60") edition
Represented by Galerie Ellepant, Montreal


Exhibition and activities: Artists’ Wallpaper

Installations in unusual sites

The CIAC is planning to produce an exhibition of wallpaper designed by local and foreign artists.

Decorative wallpaper has attracted a wide public since the 16th century. It reached its apex in the 18th and 19th centuries when its production moved from handicraft to industry. It’s widely used in Japan, the United Kingdom and France. It has proved to be quite popular here too.

Embraced by many artists from the 1960s until today, wallpaper still seems to be an inspiring medium. Whether for Andy Warhol or Kent Monkman, wallpaper has been a factor of thought and creativity. You will be surprised by the images artists will propose.

Andy Warhol
Cow Wallpaper, 1966
Two-tone silkscreen

Kent Monkman
Miss Chief’s Wallflowers, 2017
Adhesive vinyl wallpaper
Represented by Pierre-François Ouellette Art contemporain, Montreal


The CIAC website : WWW.CIAC.CA

Documents, archives, public projects and art researchers

On the CIAC website, you will find the archives of projects undertaken in the past 33 years, that is, between 1984 and 2017. It’s a whole side of arts to discover and record in the history of Quebec, Montreal and Canada visual arts.


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Michel Daigneault
De l’autre côté
de l’abstraction #13
, 2008
22 x 30 cm
a value of 1800$

Drawing of a work by Michel Daigneault

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