An event for architecture, town planning, urban design and public art

This project could not be realized due to lack of funds.

We thank all the people and organizations who supported us.

We will maintain the project on our website for information.
Maybe someday he will see the light of day.

Project description

 The project consists of the creation of a temporary architectural installation and the presentation of activities on architecture, town planning and design related to the environment and sustainable development. This project is planned to become an annual event for architecture, a legacy for the Canada’s 150th anniversary, Montreal’s 375th anniversary and the 50th anniversary of Montreal’s World Fair.


1. An architectural installation

A committee of architecture professionals, under CIAC supervision, will select an architect or an architect’s office to design and build a small, mobile pavilion to welcome the public during   activities. This architectural installation will be the prototype of a temporary pavilion that can be used in festivals, serve as a mini cultural centre in refugee camps or in remote areas.  With a surface of about 250 square metres (about 2 500 sq.ft.) it could accommodate 200 persons at educational activities and events. The installation will be equipped with every new commnication technology for national and international broadcasting. It will house a Café and a meeting place. Easy to assemble and transport, this pavilion or shelter will be put on the road in Canada and internationally in 2018.


2. A program of activities for everyone

The programming will be Canadian and international.  It will based on environmental and sustainable development themes seen through innovative architectural, town planning, urban design, and public art projects; include multidisciplinary and international activities: scientific symposiums and exhibitions, film screenings, and various awareness-raising events; widely distributed through electronic media and social networks.

A large selection of public activities will be offered: Mornings for school; Noon for "Meeting with an architect"; Afternoon for public debates; 5 @ 7 a networking period ; Evenings: films and performances.


This project is intended to stimulate architectural and urban design creation:

-       Obtain from a creator or a team of creators the best ideas by enabling them to achieve an architectural installation outside the limits of standard construction. CIAC is undertaking this production in the same spirit of cooperation it showed in the past with visual arts creators in commissioning works;

-       Introduce to the public creators recognized for their daring and innovative achievements;

-       Make exceptional architectural, design and town planning projects and achievements known;

-       Initiate architectural research on the creation of “light, temporary pavilions that can be easily dismantled”;

-       Spur on environmental and sustainable development projects by researchers and creators.

-       Obtain and promote the best research in environment and sustainable construction.

-       Spark public interest for issues related to the environment and sustainable development.

-       Raise public awareness of major artistic and environmental issues that play out both at the urban level and in new private spaces.

-       Make visitors physically experience a unique place thanks to the boldness of the architectural installation.

-       Awaken the public to architecture, design, town planning, the environment and sustainable development;

-       Introduce Montreal to international environment researchers, architects and designers.

-       Show at the local, national and international level, the creativity of Canadian and Quebec researchers and creators.