Barbara CLAUS

Born in Brussels, Belgium in 1962, Barbara Claus has been living and working in Montréal since 1987.

Barbara Claus has been showing her artwork regularly since 1990 when her first solo exhibit was held in Montréal at the Oboro Center. The following year, the general public was invited to view her work in Visions 91, part of Les Cent jours d'art contemporain de Montréal. Within the framework of the Government of Québec policy to integrate art and architecture, two of her works are on public display at La Plaine (1999) and at the Espace Go theatre in Montréal (1995).

Barbara Claus uses a marriage of large scale drawings and photos in her art. Her installation Recent Works (1992) for example was created using large photos representing details of funeral architecture combined with wall drawings representing imaginary constructions where the medium takes on its full meaning as charcoal pigments disintegrate. Her search for the tangible and the intangible, irreversibility and erosion often translates into photos taken in cemeteries, where the artist seeks out traces of past lives. The result is a universe of hallucinations, areas of dialogue and poetic juxtapositions of life and death. Enjoying collaborative work, Barbara Claus will quite often present works created with other artists including Marie-France Brière, Karole Biron and André Clément.

Barbara Claus
Nos maisons, leurs maisons
Installation detail
Silver print and paper fiber
150 cm x 106 cm
$ 1 000