CD Paysages sonores / Soundscapes, BNL MTL 09

Despite the legal uncertainties associated with altering content found online, today's Internet-driven "cut and paste" artists have come to perceive cultural sharing as an ideal, relying on appropriation to redefine standards of creativity, distancing themselves from the myth of artists as transcendent originators who rely on nothing else but their own genius for inspiration - opting instead for the notion of art as a shared, social activity.

Within the context of free culture, SOUNDSCAPES is a platform for musical conversation sparked by a single painting, Rick Leong's Dancing Serpent in Dawn's Quiet (2006.  Composer David Ryshpan opened the discourse with a soundtrack inspired by Leong's otherworldly landscape, made available online to musicians and producers from around the world, inviting them to reinterpret the score as they wish. The remixes debuted at the 2009 Montreal Biennale, alongside new work by Leong inspired by the project. This limited-edition recording features a selection of remixes that were showcased live at The Goods, at Sala Rosa on May 23, 2009.
Claudio Marzano et Scott Clyke, curators.

Claudio Marzano et Scott Clyke. CIAC/Centre international d'art contemporain de Montréal, Montréal, 2009. Pièce originale de David Ryshpan, d’après l’œuvre de Rick Leong.  Remixes de David Ryshpan, The Incubator, Claudio Marzano, Moonstar, SirOJ, The Blessings, Think Twice, KenLo et Dubline.

Price : $ 10