Ismaïla Manga et Images et Colonies

April 2 - May 10, 1998

Ismaïla Manga

Within the framework of the Rallye-Expos 98 of the 14e Journées africaines et créoles, le Centre international d'art contemporain de Montréal presents recent works by the Senegalese artist Ismaïla Manga, who has lived in Montreal since 1988. Manga draws upon signs and myths of arab, european and negro-african cultures, which he mixes and reinterprets in his painting, accentuating their formal and symbolic characteristics. The sense of mystery created by these figures and signs in the undefined space of the canvas leaves the spectator confronted with his own points of departure and references. Ismaïla Manga writes: "the myths and signs permit me,when possible, to establish that which seems to me to be essential to our humanity, temporality..."

Images et Colonies

For the same event, the CIAC receives the didactic exhibition Images et colonies, which deals with the power of the image whithin the context of the colonisation of African countries by France. This project is the result of five years of research and the collaboration of numerous museums, libraries and private collections. The exhibition presented is comprised of twenty thematic and historical panels which depict the mentalities and ideologies promoted by images during the colonial period.