Istvan Kantor was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1949 and arrived in Montréal in 1979. He now lives in Toronto.

Istvan Kantor, aka as Monty Cantsin, immigrated to Canada in 1979. In Montréal, he originated the "neoist apartment festivals" during which participants destroyed furniture, spontaneously created music and noise as they exchanged blood. In 1993, Les Cent jours d'art contemporain de Montréal presented Istvan Kantor / XX Monument temporaire, bringing together the artist's performances, installations, and recent video productions. Subversive, angry and marginal, Kantor is nevertheless a renowned artist, having received the Governor General's Visual and Media Arts award in 2004.

Instigator of the neoist movement that no-one, including the artist, can define, Kanto expresses himself in various ways: music, postal art, sculpture cinetique, multimedia installations. However, performance remains his favorite expression mode and he is more particularly well known for his blood projections or live blood donations. (Blood Campaign). Provocative and confrontational, both politically and esthetically, Kantor favors themes such as the accumulation of detritus, destructive interactions and exchanges between the body and technological machines, with all its resulting degradations.

Istvan Kantor
X-Fuckhead 2
Photograph on masonite
104,1 cm x 71,1 cm
500 $