Jean-François PROST

Jean-François Prost was born in Québec City. He lives and works in Montréal.

Jean-François Prost was trained in environmental design and architecture, fields that are often found in his visual artwork. His focus is on research and exploration of urban, domestic and rural territories, the result being expressed more particularly in installations and performances. Relations to space constitute a core to which are grafted broader concerns, opening onto human and social perspectives, forever renewed and engaged. In addition to his personal research, Prost also evolves within the SYN collective, created in 2000 by Luc Lévesque, architect and includes Maxime Dufresne and Louis-Charles Lasnier. This urban exploration workshop investigates spatiality and urban matter.

The artist participated in the Biennale de Montréal in 2002, as well as in the Québec Manif d'art in 2004. He has been guest artist abroad, including Argentina and the USA (Miami). Prost's collaborative works and intervention in the urban environment are increasingly growing, as he leaves his mark on multiple events.












Jean-François Prost
Station 10, Série Inflexion des usages, 60 stations dans la ville générique,
32 cm x 48 cm
No 1/3
600 $