October 16 - November 3, 1996 
11th edition of the Cent jours d'art contemporain de Montréal

The Most Wanted Paintings and their counterparts, The Most Unwanted Paintings, are part of a research project run by artists of Russian origin, Vitali Komar and Alex Melamid. The CIAC presents a selection of these paintings which were produced during the course of the research, which has lasted for more than two years. This research project is an interpretation of opinion surveys carried out on a given population. In the case of the ideal and most hated paintings, Komar and Melamid attempted to discover the aesthetic preferences and tastes of the inhabitants of different countries. In 1994 the two artists researched the buying tendencies of paintings by a certain population of New York City. They subsequently engaged a survey company to carry out a more in depth and "objective" survey of the population of the United States. Since then, they have carried out the survey on the preferences and tastes in painting in about fifteen countries and have created for each of them the ideal painting and the most detested painting.

Vitali Komar(1943-) and Alex Melamid (1945-) were born in Moscow. Their first exhibition outside of the Community of Independent States (CIS) was at the Ronald Feldman Gallery in New York in 1976. Since then they have exhibited throughout the world; they presently live in the United States.

List of works exhibited: America's Most Wanted Painting; People's Choice Pie Chart; Aestheticians Most Unwanted Painting; America's Most Unwanted Painting; Aestheticians Most Wanted Painting