Les lieux communs

Culture populaire et art contemporain
May 21 - July 14, 1998

The exhibition, Les lieux communs : culture populaire et art contemporain, is the result of an in-residence program organized by the Centre national de sculpture Est-Nord-Est at the Studios d'été of Saint-Jean-Port-Joli in 1997. Designed by Gaston St-Pierre, the project brings together artists Marlene Creates, Thomas Corriveau, Robert Fones, Sandra Meigs and Denis Rousseau around a central topic : the relationship between popular culture and contemporary art. Each in his or her own way, the artists participating in this exhibition incorporate in their work elements and subjects related to popular culture. Their work is inspired by folklore and day to day life, as well as by regional techniques, skills and traditions. Furthermore, the sculptures and paintings created during the residence show traces of the context of their production, manifest as much by the choice of materials and techniques as by references to environmental characteristics and modes of life belonging to the site of their conception.

The exhibition was produced and presented by the Musée Régional de Rimouski, from September 18 to November 9, 1997, with the support of the Canada Art Council for its Exhibition Assistance Program.