50 ans d'avant-garde au Japon


Shirakawa Yoshio
Le colloque: Les Transferts culturels entre sociétés

A documentary exhibition

129 photographs in black and white testify to the movements of Dada, Surrealism, Fluxus, Performance, Aktion, and New Music among others, as they were experienced in Japan between 1920-1970: this is a unique documentation, still unknown in Quebec and Canada. The documents presented are essential for those who wish to understand the history of contemporary Japanese art. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue. Translations will be available to the public. Within the exhibition space a reading room which contains documentation on this period of art history has been set up.

What gives this exhibition special significance is the fact that its opening coincides with the publication of the book Les arts visuels au Québec dans les années soixantes, tome 11, L'eclatement du modérnisme (VLM ed.), directed by Francine Couture, professor at the Université du Québec à Montréal. This publication suggests that there are interesting similarities between the arts in Quebec and Japan in the sixties. The symposium will treat these subjects.