Miyajima Tatsuo

 December 5, 1996 - January 26, 1997

Les oeuvres et l'exposition

Born in 1957 in Tokyo, Miyajima Tatsuo began his artistic career in the 1980s with performances in the streets of Tokyo. He next began to work with found objects, rummaging through dump sites in order to retrieve "dead technology" - broken television sets, walkmans, and other objets still having sufficient means to shift, blink, produce sounds, and in this way to communicate between themselves. The principles inherent to Miyajima Tatsuo's work are based the following three humanistic concepts borrowed from Buddhist philosophy: continuous evolution; the connection between everything (communication); and continuity.

His installations are a reflection on the concept of time, on what he calls "true real time", or the combination of "imaginary time" and "real" time. "Imaginary" time is that which is produced by our memory, our emotions, our inner world; "real time" is that of science, of clocks. The works presented by the Centre international d'art contemporain include two digital based installations: Time Neo, 1996 and Chemin Mille, 1991, a drawing for Chemin Mille, and two video tapes featuring performances by the artist: Counter Voice in the Air, 1995, Counter Voice in the Water, 1996.