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No 17, Fall 2003 :

Hyperliterature III: the text at play
  • Feature: the text at play;
  • Spotlight: e-lit: an overview;
  • Interviews with Terri FORD and Erik LOYER;
  • Reviews of Web projects by Ariana-Sophia KARSONIS, Julie POTVIN & Philippe GULLY, Gregory CHATONSKY, Trevor DODGE, W. Bradford PALEY, Terri FORD & Erik LOYER.

No 16, Fall 2002 :

Special Biennale de Montréal 2002
Curator: Anne-Marie Boisvert
  • Reviews of Web projects by Anonymous (Nino RODRIGUEZ), Tara BETHUNE-LEAMEN, Michael DAINES, Frédéric DURIEU, Jhave (David JOHNSTON), Wolf KAHLEN, LIA, Jillian MCDONALD, Brooke SINGER, Carlo ZANNI, a.k.a. beta;
  • Perspective: DRAWING, PIXELS & VECTORS.

No 15, Summer 2002 :

Sound Explorations
  • Feature: CHANCE AND NECESSITY: About Sound-Based Web Works;
  • Interview: Mark AMERIKA;
  • Reviews of Web projects by Reynald DROUHIN, Nancy TOBIN, Glorious Ninth (Kate SOUTHWORTH, Patrick SIMONS), Lab(au) (Manuel ABENDROTH, Jerome DECOCK, Alexandre PLENNEVAUX), Jean-Luc LAMARQUE, Hidekazu MINAMI, Yucef MERHI, Émilie PITOISET, Martin WATTENBERG, [the user] (Thomas MCINTOSH and Emmanuel MADAN);
  • Spotlight: Crossfade; Review: BALLETTIKKA INTERNETTIKKA.

No 14, October 2001 :

Special on Web art in Quebec
  • Feature: A look at Web art in Quebec : fifteen works by Quebec artists commented and put into perspective in the short history of the Web;
  • Perspective: The Spectacle of the Machine;
  • Interviews: Richard Barbeau and Katherine Liberovskaya, links to previous interviews with Quebec artists published in previous issues;
  • Spotlight: Electronic Magazines in Quebec: Theory and Practice of the Web;
  • Links to all the texts on Web and new media art in Quebec published in previous editions of the Magazine;
  • Links to all the reviews on Web and new media art events in Quebec published in previous editions of the Magazine.

No 13, July 2001 :

Hyperliterature II : the Cybertext
  • Feature: The Cybertext;
  • Interview: Steve CANNON;
  • Spotlight: The Book after the Book;
  • Reviews of Web projects by Steve CANNON, Arcangel CONSTANTINI, Lisa HUTTON, JODI, Vannina MAESTRI in Poézie 2000, Talan MEMMOT, MEZ, MOUCHETTE, Mark NAPIER, Netochka NEZVANOVA;
  • Review of Mutek 2001.

No 12, January 2001 :

Special Central and Eastern Europe
  • Feature: The Ground for NET.ART in the Former Eastern Block (Central and Eastern Europe);
  • Perspective: Behind the Cyrillic Curtain : Notes on Internet Art and Culture in Russia;
  • Interviews: Olia Lialina and Igor Stromajer, Krassimir Terziev;
  • Spotlight: Media Art: The Hungarian Model;
  • Reviews of Web works by APSOLUTNO, Vuk COSIC, Petko DOURMANA, Tiia JOHANNSON & Raivo KELOMEES, Olia LIALINA, Calin MAN, Slobodan MILADINOV, Alexei SHULGIN & Natalie BOOKCHIN, Igor STROMAJER, Teo SPILLER;
  • Review of Symposium ISEA 2000.

No 11, June 2000 :

Special Web 3D
  • Feature: Beyond six degrees of freedom;
  • Perspective: The New Medium of Interactive Virtual Worlds ;
  • Interviews: Daniel Dion, Victoria Vesna;
  • Spotlight: Online / In situ / On air;
  • Reviews of Web projects by Zoe BELOFF, Daniel DION et Brad TODD, Mary FLANAGAN, Oliver HOCKENHULL, Sheryl KOOTENHAYOO, Louise LAWLER, David LILLEY, Nancy PATERSON, David TOMAS, Marek WALCZAK;
  • Review of colloquiun Rhétorique des nouvelles écritures.

No 10, March 2000 :

  • Feature: Create=Destroy;
  • Perspective: Cannibals on line;
  • Interviews: Auriea Harvey; Sheila Urbanoski; Granular Synthesis;
  • Spotlight: entropy8zuper;
  • Reviews of Web projects by: Rachel BAKER, Maurice BENAYOUN, Natalie BOOKCHIN & Alexei SHULGIN, Heath BUNTING, Claude CLOSKY, Janet COHEN, Keith FRANK & Jon IPPOLITO, Christina GOESTL, Valérie LAMONTAGNE, Olia LIALINA, Sabine MAI;
  • Review of Maid in Cyberspace organized by Studio XX.

No 9, December 1999 :

Hyperliterature I : the Hypertext
  • Feature: Electronic Literature;
  • Perspective: text and langage in Web art;
  • Interview with Zoe Leoudaki;
  • Spotlight of a Website: Museum of Jurassic Technology;
  • Reviews of Web projects by Mark AMERIKA, Richard BARBEAU, Vera FRENKEL, Isabelle HAYEUR, Mario HERGUETA, Juliet Ann MARTIN, Melinda RACKHAM, Julia SCHER, Teo SPILLER, Joseph SQUIER;
  • Reviews of media art events: Media Lounge at the FCMM, Cartographies, États généraux de l'écriture interactive, Rendez-vous...sur les bancs publics, Fixions.

No 8, September 1999 :

Women on the Web
  • Feature: Women on the Web;
  • Perspective: Une nouvelle identité: The New You;
  • Interview with Alicia Felberbaum;
  • Spotlight: Bill Vorn and Louis-Philippe Demers;
  • Reviews of Web projects by Annie ABRAHAMS, Natalie BOOKCHIN, Heath BUNTING and Olia LIALINA, Alicia FELBERBAUM, Tina LAPORTA, Debra SOLOMON, AE (Gisèle TRUDEL, Stéphane CLAUDE and Florian WÜST), Victoria VESNA, virgil.

No 7, June 1999 :

  • Feature: Electronic Art in England;
  • Perspective: Intimacy and Interactivity;
  • Interview with Frédérick BELZILE;
  • Spotlight: Nirvanet;
  • Reviews of Web projects by Anne BAKER, Dr. Will CLAYTON and Julian BAKER, Pierre GINER, Beverly HOOD,
  • Brighid LOWE, Kristin LUCAS, Mark NAPIER, Simon POPE, Colin GREEN and Matthew FULLER, Melinda RACKAM, Alexei SHULGIN, Nell TENHAAF.

No 6, December 1998 :

  • Maid in Cyberspace-Encore!;
  • Spotlight: Snarg;
  • Interviews with Ian CARR-HARRIS, Steve REINKE;
  • Reviews on Web projects by DOYON/DEMERS, Ferlanc., Greg GARVEY, Rory HAMILTON, Michel LEFEBVRE and Eva QUINTAS, Zoe LEOUDAKI, Erwin REDL, Igor STROMAJER, Helen THORINGTON, Marianne PETIT and John NEILSON, Stephen TURBEK.

No 5, May 1998 :

  • Web Art in Québec;
  • Reviews of Web projects by David BICKERSTAFF, Matthijs DE BRUIJNE, Frédérick BELZILE, Reynald DROUHIN, Nicolas FRESPECH, Pierre GINER, Garnet HERTZ, Pascale MALATERRE, Julie MÉALIN, Valérie JODOIN and Éric MATTSON, John F. SIMON JR.

No 4, February - March 1998 :

  • Art and New Technologies in Montréal. On the Occasion of the opening of Technoboro;
  • Spotlight: Sensorium;
  • Interview with Gary HILL;
  • Interview with Rosa MARTINEZ;
  • Reviews of Web projects by Konrad BECKER, Thiago BOUD'HORS, Heath BUNTING, Alicia FELBERBAUM, GROUP Z, Antoine MOREAU, Julie MYERS, Olia LIALINA, Edward POITRAS, Kathryn SCHMITT.

No 3, December 1997 - January 1998 :

  • The New Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao;
  • Spotlight: The Banff Centre for the Arts;
  • Interview with Masashi OGURA and Yoshio SHIRAKAWA;
  • Reviews of Web projects by Antoni ABAD, Maurice BENAYOUN, Vuk COSIC, CRITICAL ART ENSEMBLE, GROUP Z, Alfredo JAAR, JODI, James ROVEN, TECHNOSPHERE, Horacio ZABALA.

No 2, November 1997 :

  • The 5th Istanbul Biennale;

No 1, September 1997 :

  • DOCUMENTA X in Kassel;
  • Reviews of Web projects by Laurie ANDERSON, COLLECTIF ad319, Scott BECKER, Christin BOLEWSKI and Thorsten HOVEN, Gérard COLLIN-THIÉBAUT, Susan HILLER, Jenny HOLZER.


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