the text at play
by Anne-Marie Boisvert

e-lit overview
by David 'Jhave' Johnston

interview 1:
Terri Ford
by Carlo Zanni

interview 2:
Erik Loyer
by Carlo Zanni

webwork 1:
About the Other Animals
(Julie Potvin et al)

by Samuel Archibald

webwork 2:
la révolution à new-york a eu lieu
(Gregory Chatonsky)

by Ollivier Dyens

webwork 3:
48 hours
(Trevor Dodge)

by Xavier Malbreil

webwork 4:
(W. Bradford Paley)

by Cécile Petit

webwork 5:
story problem
(Terri Ford & Erik Loyer)

by Carlo Zanni
(avec Anne-Marie Boisvert)
CIAC's Electronic Magazine
No 17 - Fall 2003

Hypertext III : the Text at Play

This issue is conceived like the last part of a trilogy - hence its title. Indeed, we had already produced a first issue on the subject of literature and hypertext (# 9, December 1999), about hypertextuality as such and its historical antecedents in the history of modern literature. A second issue, the Cybertext (# 13, July 2001), focused on the relationships of the text with the machine and the code.

This time, we wanted to examine the relationships between text, and images, sounds, animations, etc, that accompany the text in many webworks and transform it. We also wanted to focus on recent works (2002-2003), remarkable for their high degree of sophistication.

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