The CIAC's Electronic Magazine is an online and bilingual (French and English) publication, devoted to cyberculture and art in all its connections with new technologies. Every issue is organized around a particular theme.

The CIAC's Electronic Magazine offers:
  • in each issue, a feature looking at the selected theme from a theoretical or historical point of view
  • in each issue, five webworks which come to illustrate the theme in question, and which are presented, commented on, and analyzed by various writers

    And, depending on the selected theme:
  • perspective, a shorter theoretical text that attempts to throw a more particular look at one aspect of the theme
  • one or two interviews with artists and writers
  • spotlight, presenting Web sites worth checking out, commented on by an author, who thus offers the reader one or more "good addresses," and the chance of familiarizing himself or herself with the artists, the writers, the works, pertaining to the general theme
  • one or two reviews of events and performances, on the Web or generally involving new media
Since its launch in 1997, the CIAC's Electronic Magazine has published two to four issues a year. All the issues are available in our archives section, thus making it possible to have constant and free access to a solid art bank of commented webworks, along with theoretical texts, spanning more than six years.

The CIAC's Electronic Magazine offers, per issue, a fee (in Canadian dollars), for unpublished texts:
  • Feature: 1000 $ (2000-3000 words)

  • Perspective
    Review(s): 500 $ (around 1500 words)

  • Webworks (1 commentary): 200 $ (500-600 words)

Some themes in forthcoming issues:

  • Mutations and monsters
  • Art & Games: interactivity and live performances on the Web
  • Special Biennale de Montréal 2004: the Virtual City
  • Web art in Japan
  • Intimicy
  • Web art in South America

Send your proposals to:

N.B. The editing board reserves the right to reject any text, or to ask for a rewrite of the text before definitively accepting (or rejecting) it. The fee will be paid only if the text is published.

Web artists are invited to send URLs of their works to be reviewed in the magazine if they fall under one of the selected themes, it being also understood that the fee goes to the commentator and not to the artist. If the latter's work is selected, he or she must authorize us to create a link to her site and to publish a few images of the chosen work.


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